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Super Rates was created to create lower mortgage rate opportunities where there seems like none can be found. And it is tough in the Toronto mortgage market, as it is a sellers market and can be expected to stay so for a while. We fix this situation for you by creating and providing easy and fair access to low mortgage interest rates, better repayment plans and other mortgage products that are unmistakably superior to those of most other lending companies or mortgage brokers.

With Super Rates, potential homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area get a quick easy portal that provides access to the best mortgage rates that the local market can offer. We can even often create opportunities and better mortgage rate terms for our clients by negotiating on your behalf.

We aim and deliver on our goal of providing mortgage rates that are lower than those that other mortgage brokers can supply and much, much lower than what the banks will normally offer. Our method of working with the market begins with the thorough research of loan sources and proceeds to strong and fierce representation of our clients to them, battling to get you mortgage interest rates that you can never achieve without our advocacy.

Our expert mortgage services are perfect for anyone shopping for a mortgage. New, first-time buyers and real-estate investors can benefit immensely from our services. In the end you will enjoy reduced monthly payments, a better repayment plan and have the whole otherwise tedious process made so much more manageable by having us do all of it for you!

Our mortgage Super Rates services include:

  • First Time Buyers
  • Second Mortgage Applications
  • Mortgage Renewal Deals
  • Mortgage Refinancing

Or service is fast, easy and courteous. Call us now and you will see how enjoyable it is to save money shopping for a mortgage in Toronto or the GTA.