Moving With Children

Moving houses is always a very stressful time. There is so much we have to take care of, that we forget the impact a big move can have on our children. Here is a list of things you can do to avoid having your kids as an additional stress factor when you are moving.


1. Prepare your children

Children get used to their environment. They love their room, and they have friends in the neighborhood. This is why it is very hard for your kids to let go of their home, and accept moving into a new, and unfamiliar place. The best way to begin a smooth transition is by mentally preparing your children in advance. Present the move as a positive change. Your attitude will impact your children’s feeling towards the big event. Give them reasons why the new home is better, than their old one. Tell them how they will have a garden to play in, a bigger room, or how they will be living closer to their friends. This way you can excite them, and thus overshadow the feeling of loss.


2. Give your children the feeling of responsibility

The more your kids feel involved in the decision making process, the easier it will be for them to accept the transition. Take your children to the new place and explain what you plan to do, and ask your kids for their opinion. If you are moving to a new city, show your children the possible locations your new home will be in, describe the neighborhoods, and show them pictures of each option. Tell them that you will consider their input when it comes to your final decision. If you do not listen to your children’s’ feedback, explain why you decided against their choice, and show them the advantages of the home you decided to move in to.


3. Organize the packing

Let your kids know that this is their time to clean out all their old things. Make sure to use a positive connotation, by explaining how they will have more room for new things the more they clean out. You can turn it into a fun activity by organizing a garage sale. This way your children will know that their toys and clothes won’t just be thrown out, but that their friends will get they toys and that they can always go play with them. At the same time a garage sale could be a possibility for your children to earn some money, so they can buy new toys for the new home.


4. Organize the rooms

In order to get your kids excited, you can plan the rooms in advance. Let them decide what colors they want to paint their walls. If you are buy new furniture you can choose a theme for their rooms according to their liking. Take them to furniture stores to show them all their options. This way your children have something to look forward to. If your kids enjoy decorating their own rooms, you may also want to involve them in your decoration plans for the rest of the house. If they want, take them to buy furniture for your living room, ask them for their opinion for decorations, and take them to a hardware store. This way they will feel like they took part in the building process, and they will be excited to move into their new home.




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