Buyers Mortgage Guide

Let us share with you a few mortgage shopping tips that should help prepare you for the process, making it so much easier.

First things first, get your financial information together. All the paperwork should be in order so as to show the lending institution that you are a good payer. Remember, for you it may be a home purchase, but for them it is business. They are not just giving you money they are investing. When we apply for your mortgage, our first concern will be to show that you are a good investment.

Here are a few more points that you should remember when applying for a mortgage.

  • A Mortgage Broker will Save You Money. Getting solid representation by a professional mortgage broker is not only safer, but gainful too! It will affect the rate, by seeking out the best price and conditions. A broker offers extensive resources and knows where to look.
  • You Only Get One Chance. If you didn’t succeed to qualify with a lending institution for a mortgage the first time then you will not likely get a second interview. We will make sure you get the best representation you can hope for.
  • Lenders Also Compete. This is one of the most guarded secrets of the industry, but you should know this. Lenders are in direct competition with each other, and we can make them match prices for you, getting you a lower mortgage rate and better payment plan.

The best advice we always give is to get the financial information together and apply through Super Rates for more and better mortgage deal opportunities. If you have any questions, we will clarify them for you and prepare your file, in order to make it really shine.

We even help you if you have credit history problems, seeking out private loan solutions that can open a door to homeownership for you. This also applies to new immigrants, who have no previous Canadian financial history. Don’t worry, this can also be compensated and we know how!

For every mortgage related problem you have - we have a solution. Read our Questions and Answers section or just call us now! We will be happy to supply you with all necessary advice and help in your search for the best mortgage rates in Toronto and the GTA!